Place for YpuGreater Joy Missionary Baptist Church is “A Place of Restoration” where we believe every person who comes through our doors is sent by God so that we can minister to him or her in every way. We believe in preaching and teaching the Bible in such a way that lives are changed and families are made stronger. We believe in supporting each other and encouraging each other in good and bad times.

Reverend Shelton C. Daniel announced the beginning of Greater Joy on August 3, 2008. A vision was shared and unfolded.  The first Sunday of services, September 7, 2008 was a huge evangelistic success. We opened the doors of the church with more than 100 visiting worshipers.

Since then, Greater Joy has grown to over 1,000 members strong and has begun forming ministries to include: Missionaries, Choir, Hospitality, Ushers, Pastoral Care, and Youth, for the focus of restoring God’s people.  As the church family has grown, other ministries such as the Food Bank, the Adult Praise Team, the Male Chorus, King’s Kids, and Single’s Ministries have been organized.